Special Release:  Panama Cafe Dos Ruedas Geisha

Special Release: Panama Cafe Dos Ruedas Geisha

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Origin:  Panama  
Region:  Boquete, Panama
Producer(s):  Alexis Batista of Cafe Dos Ruedas
Variety:  Geisha
Altitude:  About 5000 feet above sea level
Process:  Natural

Just in time for the holiday season, we have an extremely special release from Panama!  We first met producer Alexis Batista this year, and we cupped through a number of his coffees of different varieties and different processes (washed, honeys and naturals).  We were absolutely floored by this natural-process Geisha!  We bought a small supply of this very special coffee directly from him.  

The famed Geisha variety has achieved near cult-status in recent years, and for good reason.  In the cup, these coffees tend to be incredibly complex and extremely elegant with a ton of florals, soft fruits and a delicate body.   

In Alexis' natural-process offering, these are just some of the notes that we find in this incredibly complex coffee:

  • Fragrance/Aroma:   Rose, blueberry, plum, cotton candy, lavender, pomegranate, hibiscus, intense tropical fruits, clove, nutmeg
  • Flavor: Cherry, raspberry, almond, cocoa, cane sugar, intense tropical fruits, clove, cream, red grape, lychee, guava, hibiscus, vanilla, pomegranate, Gala Apple, candy, kiwi, nutmeg
  • Acidity: Crisp and lush
  • Body:  Full and round, like a big red wine  
The journey from seed to cup is very hands-on.  Alexis' farm is just 3 hectares (about 6 acres) and he oversees everything personally.  He hires skilled pickers and pays them well to be very selective.  Here is an overview of the process:   
  • Only visually ripe cherries are picked individually in several passes.  
  • Then, cherries are floated in water.  Floaters (under-ripes) are separated out.
  • Then, cherries go on raised beds for about 30 days (constantly rotating).  At night, the cherries are brought back inside to ensure temperature stability and thus, even drying. 
  • The drying is finished in his friend's climate-controlled greenhouse on raised beds for 10 days.
  • Then, the coffee is rested in cherry in GrainPro bags for about two months.  
  • Then, Alexis personally brings it to the dry mill to oversee the process!  The husks are removed.
  • The coffee is sorted four times!  First, it goes through screens (removing peaberries and smaller beans), then to a density machine (which separates heavier from lighter). Then, it is hand-sorted back at the farm (ensuring uniformity by sorting any broken beans or quakers).  Lastly, the finished coffee is sorted one last time by hand before shipping to us to ensure nothing was missed! 

    As you can see, an incredible amount of passion and love went into this coffee, and it really shows!  The same care is evident in his production methods.  He only uses organic fertilizers (made from composted coffee cherries).  Plants are spaced farther apart than with larger commercial operations, so there is more air movement and less spraying is necessary.  Lots of birds are attracted by the trees, ensuring a healthy bio-diversity of species. 

    We really love this coffee, and are excited to share it with you and yours! 

    This coffee is roasted and shipped only on December 10 and December 17. When ordered in conjunction with other coffees, all will roast and ship together on the next listed roast date.  We expect this coffee to sell out quickly!