Nicaragua Jairo and Fatima's Fruit Compote

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Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega


Red Catuai

1460 meters above sea level


We are very excited to be bringing back an offering from our friends at the Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers was founded in 2002 by Benjamin Weiner. While working on a thesis paper dealing with the economics of coffee growing in Nicaragua, he decided to purchase a farm and join a cooperative. Shortly after joining the co-op, he became aware that farmers needed a more direct way to reach out to roasters and gain the needed profitability to have a successful coffee business. From that recognized need, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers was born.  The group has since grown and developed into a social enterprise that connects farmers and coffee roasters while implementing a rigorous quality control program and a transparency which ensures prices for farmers that allow them to earn a livable wage through high quality coffee. Some unique practices that it implements with its partner farms are asking pickers to wear bracelets the color of the perfectly ripe cherries in order to aid in selective harvesting, using refractometers to measure the sugar content of the cherries, and separating every day’s pickings by farm and variety and cupping the results for quality. 

We were able to taste many of the group's coffees side by side and chose to purchase a coffee from the farmers Jairo and Fatima (for the second year now). Internally, among the Gold Mountain group, they called this selection from the farm, "Fruit Compote." When the coffee is in the fermentation phase of the washing process, they have a unique step of mixing one day's coffee with the previous days', with the idea that it would help accelerate the fermentation process. Because of this and the care and attention that they put into growing the coffee, this lot has been used for coffee competitions both in the US and Europe.


This coffee is dense with flavors of blood orange, apple crisp, and plum coupled with chocolate notes and a silky body.

We are extremely proud to offer this direct relationship coffee for the second year in a row!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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