Nicaragua Gold Mountain Coffee Growers Pacamara Natural

Nicaragua Gold Mountain Coffee Growers Pacamara Natural

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Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Matagalpa and Jinotega

Farm: Partner producers of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1200-1600 meters above sea level

Process: Washed


We are extremely excited about a new category of offering that we are dubbing Special Release!  These are coffees that are limited in quantity, uniquely prepared and/or processed and have a really unique story.  They are also coffees that can be so outside the box in terms of flavor profile that they really push the limits of what coffee can taste like! 

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a forward-thinking producer group in Nicaragua.  We connected with them for the first time this year (our offering called Nicaragua Matagalpa Community that we featured earlier this year was from them), and have been very impressed with the both the quality of their lots and the diversity of flavors present.  As a group, they are doing a TON of cool things such as providing access to credit for producers, providing technology classes for free to the youth of the coffee community, providing assistance with medical care and providing running water and educational resources in some area schools.  They also purchased a neighboring rainforest in order to preserve the biodiversity of the region! 

The big focus of GMCG is on higher profitability for producers through an emphasis on quality.  By producing coffees of truly excellent quality, they are able to sell them directly to roasting companies (such as us) for a significantly higher price.  We are super happy to be working with them this year and to support this effort!  

This particular lot is 100% Pacamara, a variety known for its complex and intense aroma, a medium to full-bodied and creamy texture, and incredibly sweet flavors that run the gamut from chocolaty to fruity.  During picking, GMCG staff measure coffees with brix (sugar) refractometers (as well as by color) to ensure consistency of ripeness from cherry to cherry.  Intensive care (and sorting) is taken during the drying process, and the result is an immaculate natural-processed coffee that will really fill your palate.  

In the cup, look for big, big flavors of strawberry, red wine, apple cider and almond bark.  It has a heavy, velvety body and a crisp apple and pomegranate acidity.  The finish lingers with a ton of berry jamminess. 

This coffee has layers and layers of flavor.  We humbly submit this excellent coffee to you and hope you love it as much as we do!   

SPECIAL NOTE:  Because of its limited nature, this coffee will roast ONLY on Mondays and ship out on Tuesdays.   For instance, if you order anytime through the week until Sunday at midnight, we will roast your order on Monday and ship it (along with any other coffees on that order) on Tuesday.  Reach out with any questions!

All coffees are available in whole bean only.