Kenya Muthingini

Kenya Muthingini

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Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga, Embu
Farm: Various smallholder farmer members of Rama Farmers Cooperative Society
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Altitude: 1310–1900 masl
Processing Method: Washed

Coffee from Kenya has a flavor profile that is as complex as its history.  Although situated so close to the origins of coffee, its roots are in the commercial trading of Britain and other European countries. The varieties of coffee grown in Kenya originated from coffee trees traded to the island of Reunion, formerly Bourbon. Because of the lineage of its coffee trees, Kenyan coffee looks and tastes very different from its neighbor, Ethiopia.

Many of the farmers in Kenya have small plots of land with only 80 to 200 trees. Because of this, they rely on farmer cooperative societies, which own and operate coffee "factories" (known in other countries as washing stations). The farmers sell the cherries to the factories for an initial price. From there, the coffee is washed, dried and processed, and then goes to a marketing agent which helps to sell the coffee to exporters (often going into an auction system). At auction, thousands of lots are cupped and bid upon rapidly. When the coffee is sold and exported, a second payment goes back to the farmers contributing to those particular lots.

This offering comes from the Muthingini Factory, located in Kirinyaga, but with some members in Embu County, as well.  It has about 2,800 active members contributing their coffees, grown on just 263 hectares of land between them. The coffees are blended, making traceability down to a given area, but limiting the information of individual producers. It's always a treat to taste a Kenyan coffee, and this is no exception!  We note a lot of flavors, among them being peach candy, ruby red grapefruit, and sweet limeade. These flavors are supported by a buttery body and a crisp, tart acidity. The coffee is so sweet and complex that every time we taste it, we find something new and delicious! Enjoy it both hot and cold.

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