Honduras Raos Cooperative

Honduras Raos Cooperative

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Origin:  Honduras 
Region:  San Miguel, La Paz, Marcala
Producer(s):  77 female smallholder members of Cooperativa RAOS
Variety:  Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Pacas, IHCAFE 90
Altitude: 1200–1700 masl
Process:  Washed

This is the third season now that we have worked with RAOS Cooperative.  It has become a staple of our late Summer through early Winter menu by this point.  Each year, we are consistently impressed with the quality that this coop puts out!

Starting with last year's harvest and again this year, RAOS has separated out a lot produced only by female members of the coop.  Selling this coffee at a premium, they are able to secure a higher price for these members.  This is an important move, in that many of the coop's female producers face legal issues over ownership of their land, as well as difficulties in securing bank financing for the harvest.

"Gender equity means that women and men have the right to equal and fair access to the use, control, and benefits from the same goods and services of society, as well as to decision-making in the areas of economic and social life, as well as politics." This is Cooperativa RAOS's mission statement with regards to gender, a philosophy that the organization fleshes out in the form of the development of training farms, integrated farm-management programs, organic-farming educational support and in increasing access to these programs to all members (not to mention the separated lot that we are offering this year).    

We're proud to offer this great coffee and to support these efforts toward greater gender equity!  

In the cup, expect a sweet and full cup with brown sugar, plum, fig and dark chocolate flavors.  It has a rounded acidity and is very balanced!

Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic.  

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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