Honduras Liquidambar (Almost Out!)

Honduras Liquidambar (Almost Out!)

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Origin:  Honduras  
Region:  San Jose, La Paz
Producer(s):  Roberto Rene Gonzales
Variety:  Catuai, Bourbon, Pacas 
Altitude:  1500 meters above sea level
Process:  Washed 

At the tail end of the 2020 harvest, we had the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a buying trip with our friends at the importing company List + Beisler.  We selected four lots for various parts of our menu this year from among a number of producers around the Marcala area.  The first of those lots is our Honduras CABRIPEL.  This is the second of those lots! 

Roberto Rene Gonzales owns a 49-acre plot of land called Finca Liquidámbar (Liquidámbar Farm) located in the community of Guascotoro within the municipality of San Jose in the department of La Paz, Honduras. He is a member of the large cooperative in La Paz called RAOS – Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos.

Roberto is not only a member, but is in the leadership of the cooperative. And his leadership is born of a passion for the environment. You can see his passion for the earth and its preservation built into the way the farm works. Liquidámbar Farm is absolutely beautiful!  It is also a bit larger than a typical farm, especially for this region. In fact, of his 49 acres, 19 are reserved as old forest reserve, one of the only in the region.  This reserve has become a place where many species of birds and animals (that haven’t been seen in the area for decades) are returning. Throughout the remaining 30 acres of coffee trees there are old forest hardwoods, conifers, and all sorts of other native trees giving shade to the coffee. 

Along with a back-to-the-earth farming style, Roberto is also very progressive in his processing techniques - experimenting with honey processing, natural processing, and lots of variations of what they refer to as "anaerobic" processing. The altitude is a bit lower on this farm, leaving the washed-process coffees a bit mild. But with careful processing techniques, Roberto is able to coax out a much more controlled and dynamic cup. In fact, he takes brix (sugar content) readings on the freshly-picked cherries and, based on those readings, determines the processing technique used for that particular picking!  It's a unique approach, and the resulting quality shows in the cup.  Roberto's coffees are exploding with fruit flavors, floral notes, rich sweetness, and delicate aromas that aren’t found in many coffees in this area. They are truly unique and special, representing the diligent care he has put into this oasis.

This coffee is also Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic

In the cup, we enjoy how tangy and sweet this coffee is, with flavors of clementine, peach tea and buttered caramel.  It features a syrupy body and a dense, lingering sweetness.  

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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