Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Bundle

Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Bundle

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A bundle of two 12-ounce bags: two very different coffees from the same farm! 

Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Washed Process is an elegant and creamy cup with florals, lemon cake, toffee and raspberry flavors.  The finish is clean and sweet.

Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Natural Process offers intense fruit aromatics with dried berry, tart cherry and white chocolate flavors. Its a creamy and full-bodied cup.  

One of the reasons we purchased both of these lots this year was to present just how different processing can affect a coffee's flavor.   To learn more about coffee processing, check out this article by our importing partner, Cafe Imports.  We're really proud to be able to offer these side by side at a slight discount off the regular bag price.  

Both of these coffees are Certified Organic.  Have fun and happy brewing! 

All coffees are available in whole bean only.

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