El Salvador Vicente Rafael Diaz - Pacamara Variety

El Salvador Vicente Rafael Diaz - Pacamara Variety

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Origin:  El Salvador 
Region:  Chalatenango                                                       
Variety:  Pacamara 
Altitude:  1350 Meters 
Process:  Washed

This is the second year that we have brought coffees in from Mr. Diaz.  We have two variety-specific offerings from his farm this year:  this Pacamara lot, and a Pacas lot.   

Historically, many coffees in El Salvador have been blended and sold to mills without much lot differentiation or separation. With the rise of specialty coffee globally, many producers have started to identify and focus on growing individual varieties, and to experiment with sorting and processing, with the end result of some amazing coffees.  In theory, this should attract much higher prices and the right buyers, but the problem has been market access.  

This nanolot is the result of a special project that our importing partner, Cafe Imports, has embarked on over the last few years.  The goal has been to identify coffees of exceptional quality, and then reward that quality with both high prices and market access! Focusing on the Chalatenango region, Cafe Imports has partnered with a local cupper and a local mill to buy small, select microlots from producers—some separated by variety, some by process, and some by both. They are buying the coffee in parchment and doing the ruling and final sorting and bagging themselves, which allows for more quality control as well as the ability to package some of these very special small lots in custom smaller bags, to create more widespread access to these coffees to roasters of all sizes. 

Finca El Derrumbo is owned by Vicente Rafael Diaz, who is committed to selectively harvesting his cherries to ensure they are at uniform ripeness for best quality. After picking the coffee, he depulps it the same day, ferments it dry for 10–12 hours, and then washes it before moving it to patios to dry for 9–13 days.

This Pacamara offering features a ton of apple cider, fig, pecan and nutmeg flavors and a rich, creamy body.  It's superb, and makes a nice compliment to the Pacas lot.

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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