Decaf Peru Lima

Decaf Peru Lima

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Origin:  Peru
Region:   Cajamarca
Producer(s):  Various smallholder farmers
Variety:  Caturra, Catimor, Costa Rica, Typica
Altitude:  1700-1900 meters
Process:  Washed
Decaffeination Method:  Ethyl Acetate 

This is a truly exceptional offering; you will likely forget that you are drinking decaf! Our importing partner, Cafe Imports, has broken with industry norm and selected higher-end coffees from Lima Coffees (a young and forward-looking exporting company in Cajamarca). The coffees are then sent to Colombia for a unique decaffeination process derived from fermented sugar. The result is a super-sweet and clean decaf offering!

What really struck us about this cup was how much great origin characteristic shines through the decaffeination process!  This is a heavy and rich offering with dark chocolate, toffee, and raspberry flavors and a crisp lemon-lime acidity.  

All coffees are available in whole bean only.
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