Colombia William Cometa

Colombia William Cometa

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Origin:  Colombia 
Region:  Buena Vista, Totoro, Cauca
Producer(s):  William Cometa Camayo
Variety:  Castillo
Altitude:  1870
Process:  Washed

Another great microlot offering (the last one of the season)!  This one comes to us from William Cometa Camayo, who owns a 5-acre farm called Potrerito.  The coffee is picked ripe when the cherry turns purple, and depulped the same day it's picked. Then, William ferments it dry for 18 hours before washing it three times. It is dried in parabolic driers for 8–15 days.

What really struck us about this lot was that it is 100% Castillo.  The Castillo variety was developed to be resistant to a common coffee tree disease called coffee rust.  But Castillo lots have not always been known for their quality.  Producers like William Cometa are proving this wrong, however, as this lot is delicious.  

In the cup, look for melon, berry and caramel flavors with a crisp, tangerine acidity and a silky body.  

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