Colombia Julian Palomino

Colombia Julian Palomino

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Origin:  Colombia 
Region:  Totoro, Cauca
Producer(s):  Finca El Progreso
Variety:  Castillo
Altitude:  2000 meters
Process:  Washed 

Julian Palomino owns Finca El Progreso in Totoro, Cauca.  After harvesting on his 5-hectare farm, coffee is depulped either the same day or the day after (depending on the quantity), and any damaged seeds are sorted out.  The coffee is then fermented dry for 20–24 hours, a duration of time that Julian determined by using a tool called a Fermaestro, which gives a visual indication to the producer about the state of the mucilage during fermentation. The coffee is then washed three or four times and placed in a parabolic dryer for 12–15 days. 

This attention to detail yields an incredibly nuanced cup.  Look for a variety of tropical fruits (pineapple and guava especially) and a crisp, citrus acidity.  It features caramel and chocolate fudge flavors and a big, velvety body.  The citrus cools to softer fruits like pear and quince.  We're proud to feature this incredible coffee on our menu!   

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