Colombia Jaime Ipia

Colombia Jaime Ipia

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This offering comes from the La Meseta farm in Nuevo Jerusalen, Jambalo in the department of Cauca.  Jaime Ipia is the owner, and he grows Typica at a super high altitude of 2200 meters.  Our importing partner, Cafe Imports, hosts a Best of Cauca competition each year and his coffees are consistently among the top scorers! 

Jaime has a 3-hectare farm, 2.5 of which are planted with coffee. He picks only ripe cherry, depulps it the same day, and does a dry fermentation for 24 hours before washing the coffee until it is crystal clear.  Drying time is 18 days on raised beds under parabolic covers to ensure even drying and a really stable product.  

In the cup, look for cherry, plum and melon with a distinct cane sugar sweetness.  There is a rich caramel depth of flavor, chocolate fudge and a silky body.  It's fantastic!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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