Colombia Amaca Women's Cooperative

Colombia Amaca Women's Cooperative

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Origin:  Colombia 
Region:  El Tambo, Cauca
Producer(s):  140 female smallholder producers
Variety:  Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Altitude: 1750 meters
Process:  Washed

We're very excited to offer this great coffee from a great group!  AMACA was founded in 1999 by 80 female producers in El Tambo, Cauca.  In 2008, they partnered with the national Ministry of Agriculture, the governor of Cauca, and the municipality of Cauca to increase both production and quality on 80 members' farms.  In 2010, they built 22 new wet mills and processing tanks.  Today, there are 140 female members producing really great coffee.  It is a coop that is dedicated to both quality of cup and quality of life!  

Look for a silky and sweet cup with brown sugar, melon and tart cherry.  A delicious offering from a great group of producers!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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