Burundi Karehe

Burundi Karehe

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Yet another fantastic microlot from Burundi!

This lot comes from the Karehe Washing Station in the Kayanza region. Varieties grown are Bourbon, French Mission Bourbon, Jackson and Mbirizi grown at an altitude of about 1580 meters.  Exceptional cherry selection and washing standards are employed, and the results really show in the cup.  Producers deliver fresh cherry to the station, and are paid immediately.  Lots are then separated based on quality, and a second premium is paid for higher scoring lots. 

This is one of those higher scoring lots.  It offers a rich molasses depth of flavor and floral aromatics.  Look for pineapple, mango, orange and stonefruit flavors with a crisp citrus acidity and a velvety, heavy body.  It offers layers and layers of sweetness and complexity.  It's incredible!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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