About Us


What's your story?

Bootstrap Coffee Roasters was started by Micah Svejda in May 2014 with no partners or employees, a 6-pound roaster, a small roastery and a vision.  At the heart of the vision was a focus on offering delicious, seasonal and approachably-roasted coffees and fantastic wholesale support.

In 2013, after more than a decade in the specialty coffee industry,  he quit his job and two days later was driving a roaster back from Iowa in a rental truck.  He temporarily installed the fire-engine red 6-pound roaster in his parents' garage and got to work searching for a space suitable to build a roasting facility, setting up a website and doing the billions of other tasks necessary to starting out.  Landing a space in the Vandalia Tower in Saint Paul and with just a few committed wholesale customers, he started business in May 2014. Now with a few more people on the team, the vision remains the same as it was then. In other words: to roast delicious seasonal coffees that we really like and to offer amazing customer support!

Can I come and see the roastery/pick up coffee?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not having guests inside the building at this time.  Our coffee bar and patio is open daily from 7:00-3:00 for pickup at our walk-up window (you can also order ahead here).  In addition to our beverage menu, we have our full menu of seasonal coffees available in 12-ounce and 2-pound bags to take home!   

Feel free to reach out to hello@bootstrapcoffeeroasters.com with any questions!

When do you roast and ship? 

We roast and ship on Mondays and Thursdays.  Orders placed by midnight are roasted and shipped the next roast day.  

How do you ship?

We ship USPS Priority Mail (depending on the size of your order).  Your order typically arrives in 1-3 days.  Wholesale orders are shipped primarily by Fedex Ground (always aiming for the quickest and most affordable option).

Where can I buy Bootstrap near me?

Swing on by the roastery/coffee bar!  We also have a list of retailers here.  Of course, you can always order right from our online store and you'll have it in no time!

How do you source your coffee?

Sourcing excellent coffee involves a network of relationships.  We work very closely with importing partners who work closely with producers, cooperatives of producers and others globally to source excellent coffees.  We believe that economic and environmental sustainability are inseparable from quality.  Therefore, we seek coffees that are both of excellent sensory quality AND that are produced and purchased with deep respect for people and planet; our coffees are produced with an eye toward environmental stewardship and producers are paid FAR above market price!  In many cases these coffees also have also third-party certifications.  About half of our coffees (by volume) are both Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic.

We aim to keep the path from seed to cup short and transparent.  It typically looks like this:

Producer/Cooperative ---->  Importer ---->  Bootstrap ----> You

Great coffee is the result of an incredible amount of passionate hard work at each stage.  We are happy to share the story and the results of this with you!

What's behind the name Bootstrap?

We believe that both intentionality and hard work is required to produce excellent coffee at every level of the seed-to-cup path (from producer/cooperative to importer to roaster to barista).  The Bootstrap name is an homage and celebration of all the hard work of everyone who labors on the path from seed to cup!

  Have more questions?  Drop a line to hello@bootstrapcoffeeroasters.com!