Rwanda Kabirizi

Rwanda Kabirizi

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Origin:  Rwanda
Region:  Rutsiro and Rubavu Districts, Western Province
Producer(s):  COOPAC Cooperative, Kabirizi Washing Station
Variety:  Bourbon, Mayaguez
Altitude:  1500-2000 meters
Process:  Washed 

This is the first Rwanda that we've had on our menu for a couple of years, and it is absolutely stellar! 

This coffee comes to us from the COOPAC Cooperative.  This is a leading cooperative in Rwanda in terms of quality.  Begun in 2001 by founder and president Emmanuel Rwakagara, the coop is comprised of 8,000 member producers in the Rutsiro and Rubavu districts of the Western Province surrounding Lake Kivu.  It is a large and well-run organization and operates 50 washing stations.  

The lot we have is from the Kabirizi washing station, and is comprised of both Bourbon and Mayaguez varieties.  Fresh cherry is delivered the day it is picked.  Coffee is de-pulped the same day, fermented dry for 12 hours and then given a 24-hour wet fermentation or a "soak," and then washed three times to remove the mucilage. Coffee is then dried in mechanical dryers or raised beds for about 2–3 weeks.  

Expect a sweet and tangy cup with dense sugars and caramel depth.  It offers melon, strawberry and raisin flavors with a background of cocoa.  It is incredibly complex.  

This offering is Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic!  

All coffees are available in whole bean only.

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