Kenya Gatuya AA

Kenya Gatuya AA

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Origin:   Kenya 
Region:  Kerugoya, Kirinyaga
Producer(s):  1000 smallholder members of the Mwirua Farmers Cooperative Society
Variety:  SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Altitude: 1538 meters
Process:  Washed 

Another excellent Kenya microlot of the 2018 season! 

This coffee comes to us from the Gatuya factory, which has about 900 active members (1000 members total). The factory was built on about 5 acres of land in the 1970s, and serves the local villages of Getyua and Barichu. The factory employs five permanent staff and a host of seasonal workers, depending on the size of the harvest any given year.

This factory is affiliated with Coffee Management Services, which provides technical support, access to inputs, and information about sustainable farm practices. Farmers receive pre-financing as needed, and are also eligible for ongoing and recurring training through CMS.

In the cup, look for milk chocolate, peach and bright lemon flavors with a syrupy body and a dense, lingering sweetness.  Superb! 

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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