FTO Peru Cenfrocafe

FTO Peru Cenfrocafe

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 In the cup, look for almond and cocoa flavors with a lemony acidity and a silky body.  Balanced and complex! 

Origin:  Peru
Region:  Cajamarca
Producer(s):  2,000 Smallholders
Variety:  Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Altitude:  1200–2200 meters above sea level
Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried On-Site

This coffee and this cooperative will always hold a special place in our hearts, as this was the very first coffee we purchased for Bootstrap.  This marks our FOURTH season working with this great group of producers!

Heres what our importing partner, Cafe Imports, has to say about Cenfrocafe:  

 "CENFROCAFE is one of the strongest cooperatives in Peru, both in terms of volume and quality. They have programs in place to increase production through organic fertilization and also keeping plants healthy which is extremely helpful during coffee leaf rust outbreaks. CENFROCAFE produces about 120,000 quintales (1 quintal = 100 lbs) of coffee per year being one of the leading cooperatives in the country in volume. The average production per hectare is about 22 quintales which is high for organic production around the world. CENFRO recommends its producers to fertilize with Guano de Isla, phosphore ore, and Ulexite to achieve these yields.

In terms of quality, CENFROCAFE is one of the top exporters in Peru as well. They have placed in the top spots in national competitions, having a big potential for microlots, and they have excellent delivery with consistent full containers. Beginning in 2013 we began offering microlots to complement the APU full containers.

Prior to the 2013 harvest I had cupped delicious 90+ coffees from Southern Ecuador but nothing above 86+ from Northern Peru and the coffee growing regions are right next to each other with extremely similar conditions. CENFRO's producers have heirloom Typica and Bourbon varieties with altitudes of 1600+ and 1800+. We are extremely happy with the quality of the microlots we bought last year and will continue to expand this volume as the harvests keep coming in." 

This is a great example of a coffee whose flavor profile is rooted in its place, but also pushes the boundaries for what that flavor profile can be! This coffee is Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic.  

We're proud to offer this year's crop of one of our perennial favorites!

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