Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Natural Process

Ethiopia Tega and Tula Farm Natural Process

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Origin:  Ethiopia 
Region:  Nearby the villages of Tega and Tula, Keffa
Producer(s):  Tega and Tula Specialty Coffee Farm
Variety:  Wild Keffa forest varieties: 74110, 74112, 74140, 75227, 7454, 74165 
Altitude: 1693-1860 meters
Process:  Natural

Our second offering from this farm this summer! Tega and Tula Farm is brand new to us this year, and they show a ton of promise.  They are a larger farm of 500 hectares in size (400 of which is devoted to coffee production). They grow a number of cultivars, including wild varieties which are also found in the nearby Keffa bio-reserve.  We are looking forward to seeing how their coffee develops and progresses in future years.

This natural process lot offers intense fruit aromatics with dried berry, tart cherry and white chocolate flavors. Its a creamy and full-bodied cup.  Delicious!   

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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