Ecuador Pablo Ponce

Ecuador Pablo Ponce

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Origin: Ecuador
Region: La Perla, Nanegal, Pichincha
Farm: Perla Chiquita
Variety: Sidra
Altitude: 2450 meters above sea level
Process: Washed

Pablo Ponce owns the 12-acre farm called Perla Chiquita, where about 2.5 acres are planted with about 2,300 Bourbon trees. Coffees at Perla Chiquita are picked when ripest and then dry fermented for 12–14 hours.  They are then washed four or five times after which they are given a pre-dry on cement patios before being moved to raised beds to finish.  Drying can take between 10–14 days, depending on the climate conditions.

This farm is very high in elevation at 2450 meters above sea level.  This higher elevation encourages slower maturation of the fruit, which tends to lead to higher sweetness.  And while much of what is grown is the Bourbon variety, this particular lot is a variety called Sidra (a hybrid of Red Bourbon and Typica).  Sidras often gain the sweetness and body of Bourbon and the acidity of Typica.  

All this attention to detail yields a deliciously complex cup.  We're proud to offer this coffee to you! 

It is sweet, balanced and complex!  It offers an array of tropical fruits, almond and soft brown sugar flavors and a crisp, cranberry acidity.  The body is silky and lingering.  Phenomenal!

All coffees are available in whole bean only. 

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