Burundi Gacokwe

Burundi Gacokwe

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In the cup, look for a real burst of fresh apricot character grounded by a caramel and fig depth.  There is a substantial body and a finish of a very pleasant lemon-candy.


Origin: Burundi
Region: Rango, Kayanza
Producer(s): Gacokwe Washing Station Cooperative
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirzi (all Bourbon derivatives)
Elevation: 1650 masl
Process:  Fully Washed

There are about 2000 producers that contribute to Gacokwe.  565 contribute their freshly picked fruits directly to the washing station, and the other 1435 contribute to one of six different nearby collection points. Coffees are fully washed and carefully dried.

This coffee comes from a project put on by our importing partners, Cafe Imports, wherein a premium is paid (well above the market rate) for quality coffees.  These premiums go directly to the producers!  We love to support programs like this; programs that encourage both quality and economic sustainability!