Brazil Rodrigo Naves Mundim

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Origin:  Brazil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
Producer(s): Brazil Rodrigo Naves Mundim
Variety:  Red Catuai
Altitude:  1030 Meters Above Sea Level
Processing:  Natural, Aerobic Fermentation

We are very excited to offer this coffee with the help of our friends at Bean Belt Coffees. They are an importing company with the goal of connecting producers with specialty coffee roasters. We have been working with them for a while to help us source coffees that fit the flavors we need (primarily for DIY Espresso). Every now and again, we find a really special offering that stands out to us. When we tasted this one, we wanted to give it the opportunity to shine on it's own as a single-origin offering and to share an exceptional example of what coffees from Brazil can taste like.

Coffee has been part of Rodrigo Mundim's backstory throughout his entire life. He has been farming coffee for over 25 years, including the last 15 years on his own farm - Araras Lugar Anil - where this coffee was grown. Both his parents and grandparents were coffee farmers. He recalls stories from his father, now 84, growing up on the farm with his seven brothers. They grew the trees from seed and tended to the trees by hand as they grew.  For many years they managed their small farm, until eventually cattle and other livestock began replacing coffee trees. Later, as coffee production started coming back into the region, and inspired the stories of his father, Rodrigo purchased land with the goal of growing coffee again. Although his intention was to be an organic coffee producer, neighboring farms made it a challenge to maintain certification. He still strives to use as much biological treatment (as opposed to chemical) to help maintain and nurture the health and quality of his land, the trees, and animals.

Here is a quote from Rodrigo:

"Coffee for me, it is more than a culture or business, it is a passion I have had since I was a child, it is a great satisfaction, a real pleasure! I remember when I was a child and my grandfather grew coffee. At that time there was no technology like today, but it was produced with a lot of love, and this ended up awakening in me a dream of producing too."

We are blown away by this full bodied, wonderfully complex coffee, noting flavors of raspberry cheesecake, cinnamon candy and tropical fruit medley.

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